What our clients say

"Studying with Wall Street English has made me more confident to speak and listen when I attend professional networking groups and conferences. I like that the teacher let me makes mistakes and learn from them. My confidence has improved and so have the chances for getting a promotion."

"I have become more fluent since I studied with Wall Street English. My colleagues always ask for my help when they don’t know something in English and that shows how far I’ve come. Dealing with clients from Europe and Asia is no longer a problem for me. Being able to communicate in English makes my job much easier."

"What I like most about Wall Street is the total English environment. Wall Street students have to speak English to each other. I can use English better than before because I study at Wall Street. My friends told me "Your English is better than last year.""

"From the day that I started at Wall Street, I have been encouraged to speak English, even though I make mistakes. The personal tutors always teach me with patience, and never give up no matter how many times I forget something. The teachers conduct fun classes which make me feel really relaxed. Whenever I am too busy that I can’t visit the center, the staff call me and give me advice as well as remind me of my goal. That’s why I always come back to the center feeling encouraged. Now I can listen and speak English with confidence with people at work. Several people have already noticed my improvement and ask me about Wall Street."

"I wasn’t good at English, but my company gave me this great opportunity to study English at WSE. After studying at WSE, I realized that my English is better than before. I can speak English with my boss and understand more what he says. The relaxed environment, friendly staff, and flexible schedule make me enjoy studying at Wall Street English."

"I would like to thank Wall Street English. Thanks to Jim for conducting effective classes and making the lessons interesting and keeping us alert in class. I appreciate your attention in keeping us updated on the progress of our team at all times. The reports showed the progress of our people in detail over the length of the course."

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