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Wall Street English prepares yourself to get ready for AEC 2015

What is AEC 2015? Why English is important for AEC 2015?

AEC 2015, as known as ASEAN Economic Community 2015, is a uniting of 10 ASEAN countries, which are Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, and Brunei. AEC 2015 will bring a new era of economical cooperation to all 10 countries. Investors can invest anywhere in these countries. Workers can go work anywhere in these countries also with no tight restriction like before. Competition will get fiercer for those who are not well-prepared. All 10 countries agree to use English as the language for business.

How good are Thai people at English?

The average English skill level of Thai people measured by TOEFL iBT is 75 points from 120 points, as of the year 2010. When compared to other ASEAN countries, except Brunei, Thailand is only ahead of Cambodia, Laos, Burma, and Vietnam. Thailand lags far behind major ASEAN countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia. This indicates that Thais need to improve their English skills to compete with other countries, or many will lose their jobs or find it hard to work when the AEC takes effect. Workers with better English skills will also help improve the Thai economy and make the country more competitive; it will also attract more foreign investment to benefit Thailand.

How the AEC will affect Thais in 2015?

  1. The job market in Thailand will be directly affected.Many people from ASEAN countries will have the right to work in Thailand across multiple industries. On the other hand Thai people will also be able to work abroad to earn more money. The 7 occupations that will be most affected are doctors, nurses, engineers, accountants, surveyors, dentists, and architects.
  2. 6,000,000 New job positions will be created.This is roughly calculated from just 1% of the total population of ASEAN countries.

How to get ready for AEC 2015

  1. Education; For people over 30, there’s a danger of being “outdated” compared to those who are AEC ready. Unfortunately, itmay be harder to find a new job. The only solution is to learn something new – such as English.
  2. Language; English will be the language for business in AEC 2015. Many countries that used to be a colony of the British Empire will have little trouble when having to communicate in English. In the near future, China, Japan, and South Korea, will join the AEC as well. This means learning English will become even more crucial.
  3. Work Culture; With more job candidates, employers will have tighter criteria for hiring new employees. Those who want to be successful in their career will have to work harder and be more determined about how they want their work life to be. Forget about the routine style of working!

Are your English skills ready for AEC?

Imagine many people from ASEAN countries coming into Thailand for business and investment. Every area of work in Thailand will need personnel with fluent English. Better English means more opportunities. Imagine if the worst-case scenario happens and that people who are more skilled in English replace you! When AEC 2015 comes, will you and your English skills be ready for it? Are you confident enough to work in such a competitive era?

Wall Street English will help you to be successful in your career in AEC 2015. With our unique method of English learning, it is a guarantee that you will speak English with confidence and be successful in life.

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